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Storage method of magnesium hydroxide
Add : 12/04/2022

Since magnesium hydroxide is afraid of moisture, water and easy to deteriorate in case of water during storage, its active content will be reduced and production will be affected if it is not stored properly, so some effective technical measures must be taken to buy back high-price and high-quality magnesium oxide during storage:

1. Cover with plastic film and lay plastic film on the ground. If you are not willing to change the bag for packaging, this method can be used to prevent moisture;

2. Reverse the bag, change the package and seal it for storage;

3. Place lime blocks after stacking to prevent moisture, which is another method to prevent magnesium oxide from absorbing moisture and reducing activity;

4. Because calcium oxide has stronger moisture absorption, it is very effective to place calcium oxide in the warehouse as a moisture reducing agent to reduce the humidity of the warehouse;

5. Magnesium hydroxide the longer the storage time of the greater the amount converted to Mg (OH) 2 and the lower the activity. Therefore, magnesium hydroxide cannot be stored for too long;

Therefore, the one-time purchase amount of magnesium oxide should not be too large. It is best to use it up in half a month based on the standard of using it up within one month.

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