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Application scope and function of magnesium hydroxide
Add : 12/04/2022

In medicine, it can be used as antacid and laxative, as well as sugar and magnesium oxide.

1. Magnesium hydroxide is an excellent flame retardant for plastic and rubber products. In terms of environmental protection, as flue gas desulfurizer, it can replace caustic soda and lime as neutralizer of acid containing wastewater. It is also used as oil additive to prevent corrosion and desulfurization. In addition, it can also be used in the refining of electronic industry, medicine and granulated sugar, as thermal insulation materials and manufacturing other magnesium salt products.

2. Antacid, osmotic laxative.

3. The product can be used as flame retardant or flame retardant filler. It can be added to polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and ABS resin. It has good flame retardant and smoke elimination effect. The addition amount is 40 ~ 20 parts. However, anionic surfactants are needed to treat the particle surface. Cheap anionic surfactants such as high-grade fatty acid-base metal salts or alkyl sulfates and sulfonated succinate can be used, and the dosage is about 3%. It is also used in the manufacture of magnesium salt, refining of granulated sugar, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry, etc.

4. Magnesium hydroxide is a new type of filled flame retardant. It releases bound water during thermal decomposition and absorbs a large amount of latent heat to reduce the surface temperature of the synthetic material filled in it in the flame. It can inhibit the decomposition of polymer and cool the generated combustible gas. The decomposed magnesia is also a good refractory, which can also help improve the fire resistance of synthetic materials. At the same time, the water vapor released by it can also be used as a smoke inhibitor. Magnesium hydroxide is recognized as an excellent flame retardant with triple functions of flame retardant, smoke suppression and filling in the rubber and plastic industry. It is widely used in rubber, chemical industry, building materials, plastics and electronics, unsaturated polyester, paint, coating and other polymer materials. In particular, it can replace aluminum hydroxide and has excellent flame retardant effect for the flame retardant, smoke elimination and antistatic of mine air duct coating cloth, PVC whole core conveyor belt, flame retardant aluminum plastic plate, flame retardant tarpaulin, PVC wire and cable material, mine cable sheath and cable accessories. Compared with similar inorganic flame retardants, magnesium hydroxide has better smoke suppression effect. Magnesium hydroxide has no harmful substances in the production, use and waste process, and can neutralize the acidic and corrosive gases produced in the combustion process. When used alone, the dosage is generally 40% ~ 60%. 5. It has good compatibility with base resin. It is an excellent flame retardant for thermoplastic resin and rubber products. It is commonly used as additive flame retardant or flame retardant filler in adhesives. The reference dosage is 40 ~ 200 phr. In industry, it is used to manufacture magnesium salt, active magnesium oxide, medicine, fine ceramics, thermal insulation materials, granulated sugar refining, flue gas desulfurization agent, oil anti-corrosion additive, acid containing wastewater neutralizer, color TV tube cone glass coating, etc.

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